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You have made the right decision. We feel much elated to welcome you to our e-tutor team. Your teaching journey is about to become exciting and rewarding. Please look round the variety of courses that are housed on our website to familiarize yourself with our delivery and assessment format. You might find one that matches your personal scheme. Our courses are created with user friendliness in mind. We ensure optimized engagement through all the five means of online education i.e. images, animation, audio, video, and texts. 
In addition, we emphasize on LIVE sessions for face-to-face interaction, discussion, interview, presentation, and conversation. Our learners are our priority, that’s why we encourage e-tutor’s availability and accessibility at all times by means of SYWPO‘s custom mobile app. 

No hiring & no firing

Please note, we do not hire or fire anyone. This means you will not be a salaried staff. Yes, that’s a little difficult to understand but you will find out the best thing we do as you read through. However, your progress as an e-tutor with SYWPO will sustain following the ratings you get on your courses from the learners. Anything equal to 3 and above on a scale of 5 will ensure your continued tutoring journey at 

Here’s what we do

We simply prepare the e-tutoring opportunities for everyone who is willing to take up the online education head-on. We work together as a team, but you create your own courses, and all the relevant contents for assessments. We relay them to potential learners.

Your earnings

You can expect that we will split the earnings in exactly 60% and 40% shares; wherein, the former will be paid off to you via secured wire transfer, account pay cheque, bank transfer, or Bkash; and the latter will be ours to keep for facilitation, guidance, management, hosting, marketing, and ensuring support services. Each time, your course is offered, the cycle of payment will repeat itself. For more, please read our terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions

  • Your status shall not be of that of a hired or recruited staff.
  • We are entering this partnership on the basis of profit share. Wherein, you being the e-tutor will draw 60% of the total income and SYWPO Ltd. will draw 40% of the total income from the sale of the course you will get to teach at
  • Our partnership will last the length of the course you get to teach only. Renewal of the course offer will depend on the ratings your course gets. Should the course be reoffered, the payment cycle as per the above article will repeat itself. On the contrary, you may consider that your services are not required any further.
  • At no point during a running course, you shall discontinue your services to SYWPO Ltd. Should that happen, your remaining balance shall be confiscated.
  • You shall be always accessible over internet via WhatsApp, Messenger, IMO, Hangout, and Phone number for direct contact by learners and our e-tutor management team.
  • There is no fixed schedule for e-tutoring. When the course is on and being attended, your services will be required as per above article. On the contrary, you may consider being rested otherwise.
  • Profit sharing shall occur only at the end of the conclusion of the course. Amount shall be disbursed within the 3-5 days of course conclusion at your designated account or bank via wire transfer, account pay check, or Bkash to your number.
  • No part of your profit shall be exclusive of VAT and Tax as may be subject to levying from local government.
  • SYWPO Ltd. can request for any updates necessary for facilitating the course you are teaching. Hence, you should comply at a moment’s notice.
  • SYWPO Ltd. shall be accountable to audit team. Hence, should it be a need to declare any information of yourself to the team, it will not deter or shun from sharing in order to ensure compliance. On the contrary, SYWPO Ltd. shall keep your information strictly classified.

E-tutor Preparation

For preparing you, we will send you a link to our Online Training Module for which we generally charge BDT 5000 (per level). But, you can get a discount of 50% in price. This training module will guide you through the course creation and facilitation procedures exclusive to SYWPO‘s preferred LMS. After that, you will be required to send us the following:
  • short biography (written in 3rd person with specialization and credentials clearly stated);
  • a photograph (smiling with colorful background);
  • preferred username;
  • personal email address;
  • mobile number (active);
  • Course syllabi (with course title, length, topics, assignment, assessment types and means clearly mentioned);
  • Preferred pricing (in BDT)
  • Statement of e-tutor Partnership (on our prescribed form)
  • Declaration of Certification (enabled / disabled) 
You should send these documents ASAP after which we will create your profile on our website. 

Why choose SYWPO as your teaching and learning platform?

We are adding new premium accredited courses from the veterans in the field. Ours is the fast rising online education providing company in Bangladesh. Please write to us any time to discuss any issue you face during your negotiation phase. Our team will get back to you the soonest they can. Generally, we respond in three to five working days depending on the bulk of emails we get daily. 
However, we will make sure that you get priority. 
Wishing you a happy start at 
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You can also click this button E-TUTOR PARTNERSHIP FORM to access the form. We will send the link to our e-tutor Training Module shortly after being in receipt of this form.
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