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    1. Ms Rowshon, no worries at all. Those tasks were just for giving you a student-end experience. They will not affect your progress to the course-end certification. I will post an announcement with a demonstration on how to access the certificate soon.

  1. Very interesting and helpfull today’s session (module#6) as it has been pointed several options on online teaching & learning’s platform specially LMS. SYWPO.com that are very usefull but it requires extensive practice. Pollev.com/asmshamim598 is very nice to interact with U and all participants today. Hope to have more training (as full package) to become expertise (practitioner). Thanks again for well attempts and nice efforts… good to see in near future.. …

  2. Interactivity achieved through a PowerPoint presentation makes the teaching and learning a lot more easy. I am glad to learn this here.

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