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Certificate in E-Learning and Teaching Module 6

52 students

CeLT Pre-Module 6 Task 2

Meet the e-learning assessment methods, tools and techniques pre-module 6 tasks for your experiential learning.

Check out how self-paced learning and assessment can write-off the instructor 

The future of education is unimaginably approaching a ‘post-new normal’ topography through hybridization of the institutions, organizations, industries and businesses as we today. It is indispensable and catalytic over the derelict routine caused by Covid -19. But, however sombre the metamorphosis show itself, there is a prediction of an advanced order gradually ensuing in the distant future.

There is hardly any hope of ever returning to pre-covid ‘normal’. Advances that have already been made to quickly adapt to ‘new normal’ will not allow a roll-back. It will only pose a threat of becoming obsolete leading to disuse and oblivion. The alternative that is predictably easier to resort to is the hybridization of everything we know. It isn’t happening for the first time. Much had changed after the invention of telephone, television, computer, mobile and internet. More are bound to undergo the same fate in a post-covid scenario.

Perceived in the schools, colleges and universities across the academic industry around the world, hybrid education is more similar to the blended learning model than e-learning, online learning, distance learning or virtual learning models. In its approach, it can be the best solution for the sustenance of the educational endeavors to ensure continued functions of the academic institutions.

Here is what you will achieve

By the end of the course, you will be able to …

  • synthesize the variance and credibility through experiential learning from the LMSs.
  • adapt to the best methods, tools, question types and medium of online assessments.
  • create self-paced assessment materials that curb cheating and similarity index
  • map and align SOs, COs, and POs in the system for all online assessments.
  • create low-tech resources for assessment for Education 1.0 and Education 2.0 dwellers.



When will the course start?

Our courses start when you start. You can learn at your own pace anywhere anytime. It the course hasn’t started yet you’ll see the future date listed and counting down because the course is getting prepared for you.

Who is the course for?

This course is aimed at new aspiring e-tutors more specially veteran online instructors, but may also be of interest to people looking for improving their knowledge and skills in e-learning, teaching and assessment.

Who developed the course?


SYWPO is the professional educational online institute. The registered academia offers personal skills development, continuous professional development, academic, vocational, study skills and non-academic trainings and accreditation for those learning, studying, and working personnel who are either progressively learning or developing themselves.


Certified Master Trainer by the British Council, Dhaka, Bangladesh; Certified Moodle Learn & Admin by Moodle HQ; Certified pioneer and champion of E-Learning by the University of Buraimi, Oman; Certified E-Learning Theorist and Practitioner by Alison; and Certified Educational Leader by Open University of UK; Mr. A.S.M. Shamim Miah is a specialist in open educational resources for online, blended, virtual, distance and e-learning. He is the Chairman of E-Learning Committee at the University of Buraimi since 2015. He is a veteran Associate Professor of English Language & Literature who has impeccable training background. He has 20,220 hours of faculty development, workshop, and training experience. Fomerly, he worked as the Assistant Vice President, Assistant Professor of English and Program Coordinator of Center of Excellence at the Stamford University Bangladesh. Ran Professional Development Trainings for over 700 professionals under Rangs, BIAM, NAEM, and Ministry of Food in Bangladesh. In addition, six key establishments go to his credit for being their ideator, establishing entity and creator. They are namely Green University Language Center (GULC), Green University Psyco-social Counseling Unit (GUPSCU), Green University Future Transformers Initiative (GIFT), Green University Center of Research and Developmpent (GUCRD), Green University Center of Teaching and Learning (GUCELT), and Green University Career Developmetn Center (GUCDC). He also headed the centers under one umbrella Green University of Bangladesh Centers (GUBC) as the Chief Coordinator. Green University of Bangladesh felicitated him with an award of Excellent Contribution in recognition of his efforts in creating, ideating and establishing six independent centers in 2014. His endeavors at teaching, training or innovating teaching and learning in alignment with technology based academic shift has been phenomenal. He believes technology will lead the future of education; hence, it is time to gear up, get trained and prepared for the major academic shift that is already in the process and waiting for none.
Arifa Rahman has been working as a training professional for Higher Education Teachers’ capacity development since 2010. She started her teaching and training career with BRAC University and worked as a senior lecture for three years. Afterward, she has been working as an Assistant Professor and lead facilitator at the Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning, Green University of Bangladesh since 2013. She pursued a Master of Education (Cognitive psychology) at Flinders University with Endeavour Scholarship in 2018. Previously she completed a Master of Education (Educational Psychology) from the Institute of Education and Research, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2010; the Bachelor of Education (Science Education) from the same institute in 2008. Educational technology moral education and ethics, emotional intelligence and psychological issues, and learning are her major areas of research.

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