Express Future Actions & Happenings

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Simple Future Tense

Get an introduction to the usage of future tense, and how to express actions, plans or probabilities in English.

Find out how future happenings, plans and probabilities are stated in English

Actions that are imminent need uttering in particular way involving a tense that indicative of a future time. Everything that has not happened as of now is a part of the future. It might happen after a few seconds, a few years or even after hundreds of years. Certainly, it is not easy to imagine what will happen, there is always a propensity of one thing or another to eventuate at a time that is forthcoming.

Talking about the future increases the possibility to make plans and predictions. People often engage in creating schedules and marvel what the weather will be like the following day or week. This micro-course will take you through the important facts about the English future tense. You will learn to know when, how and why to use the future tense.

Here is what you will achieve

By the end of the course, you will be able to …

  • negate the common belief that there is a Future Tense in English
  • speak about the future using auxiliary verbs
  • talk about the schedules, plans & predictions
  • differentiate between auxiliary verbs
  • use the present tense to talk about the future events


When will the course start?

Our courses start when you start. You can learn at your own pace anywhere anytime. It the course hasn’t started yet you’ll see the future date listed and counting down because the course is getting prepared for you.

Who is the course for?

This course is aimed at new aspiring English language learners, but may also be of interest to people looking for improving their knowledge and skills in English.

Who developed the course?


SYWPO is the professional educational online institute. The registered academia offers personal skills development, continuous professional development, academic, vocational, study skills and non-academic trainings and accreditation for those learning, studying, and working personnel who are either progressively learning or developing themselves.


Certified Master Trainer by the British Council, Dhaka, Bangladesh; Certified Moodle Learn & Admin by Moodle HQ; Certified pioneer and champion of E-Learning by the University of Buraimi, Oman; PGDip in E-Learning Theory and Practiices; and PGDip in Educational Leadership from Open University of UK; Mr. A.S.M. Shamim Miah is a professional in open educational resources for online, blended, virtual, distance and e-learning. He is the Chairman of E-Learning Committee at the University of Buraimi since 2015.

He is an Associate Professor of English Language & Literature who has impeccable training background. He has 20,220 hours of faculty development, workshop, and training experience.

Fomerly, he worked as the Assistant Vice President, Assistant Professor of English and Program Coordinator of Center of Excellence at the Stamford University Bangladesh. Ran Professional Development Trainings for over 700 professionals under Rangs, BIAM, NAEM, and Ministry of Food in Bangladesh.

In addition, six key establishments go to his credit for being their ideator, establishing entity and creator. They are namely Green University Language Center (GULC), Green University Psyco-social Counseling Unit (GUPSCU), Green University Future Transformers Initiative (GIFT), Green University Center of Research and Developmpent (GUCRD), Green University Center of Teaching and Learning (GUCELT), and Green University Career Developmetn Center (GUCDC). He also headed the centers under one umbrella Green University of Bangladesh Centers (GUBC) as the Chief Coordinator.

Green University of Bangladesh felicitated him with an award of Excellent Contribution in recognition of his efforts in creating, ideating and establishing six independent centers in 2014. His endeavors at teaching, training or innovating teaching and learning in alignment with technology based academic shift has been phenomenal. He believes technology will lead the future of education; hence, it is time to gear up, get trained and prepared for the major academic shift that is already in the process and waiting for none.

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