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Mind Mapping

mind mapping
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Why Join this course

In this online micro-English Grammar course, you will learn to create mind mapping to easily remember your class lessons and take notes for your assignments.

Through short videos, you will learn what mind mapping is and how to draw a mind map in English, including the structure that you need to apply. You will also examine some of the designs, colors and techniques used in the videos and analyse their use and learn how to use them again in the practice exercises.

This micro-premium course that draws on the SYWPO’s expertise in online learning. In order to attend this course you need to make the payment of the stated FEE. After completing this course, you will receive a verifiable certificate of completion.

What topics will you cover?

  • What mind map is
  • Why do mind mapping
  • What structure works best
  • Color is important or not
  • Designs and proximity


Certified as the Master Trainer of Trainers, awarded with CiPELT, CiSELT and English for Today by the British Council, Dhaka, Bangladesh, he comes with teaching and training experience of over 18 years. He has had the opportunity to work as an Expert Member of Audit Preparation Committee while heading (as the Chairman of) four diverse committees at the Centre of Foundation Studies i.e. E-Learning Committee, Curriculum Development Committee, Staff Professional Development Committee, Policy Development and Management Committee, and E-learning Committee at the university level at the University of Buraimi (UoB). Besides being a dynamic leader in piloting and pioneering MOODLE based blended, online and integrated learning at five colleges of UoB, he has been a research oriented, result driven and widely published researcher of English Literature, and English as a Second Language Teaching. He is specialized in teaching English Language as a Second Language and English Literature at the tertiary level. Also, he is experienced in EAP, ESP, IELTS General Module, IELTS Academic Module, Information and Communication Technology in Education, Methodology of Educational Research and Educational Statistics, Educational Data Analysis through Statistical Packages, Comparative Education, Integrating Technology in the Classroom, Reading and Literacy with Reading K-12, Teacher leadership initiatives, Elementary Reading and Literacy, Curriculum Development & Studies, Teacher Training, and Academic Writing. He has traveled widely and have the experience of living and teaching abroad. He has founded SYWPO Ltd. He also pioneered the online delivery at UOB by conducting workshops directly on the online platform. Participants enrolled themselves and attended the sessions from anywhere at their own will and pace. Upon completion, all were automatically certified as proficient in LMS usage. In addition, his stipulations, proposals and drafts of reports became the basis for preparing E-Learning policies at UOB. He is certified by MOODLE Head Quarter to create teaching and learning courses on MOODLE app. He is a certified Master Trainer from the British Council, Dhaka, Bangladesh, under which he also trained teacher trainers from around Bangladesh. While being the former Assistant Vice President, Assistant Professor of English and Program Coordinator of Center of Excellence at the Stamford University Bangladesh, he had trained no less than 1000 faculty at their entry level of services. Also, working as the Professional Development Trainer, he trained over 700 professionals under Rangs, BIAM, NAEM, and Ministry of Food in Bangladesh. In addition, six key establishments go to his credit for being their ideator, establishing entity and creator under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Golam Samdani Fakir, Vice Chancellor of the Green University of Bangladesh. They are namely Green University Language Center (GULC), Green University Psycho-social Counseling Unit (GUPSCU), Green University Future Transformers Initiative (GIFT), Green University Center of Research and Development (GUCRD), Green University Center of Teaching and Learning (GUCELT), and Green University Career Development Center (GUCDC). He also headed the centers under one umbrella Green University of Bangladesh Centers (GUBC) as the Chief Coordinator. Green University of Bangladesh felicitated him with an award of Excellent Contribution in recognition of his efforts in creating, ideating and establishing six independent centers in 2014. His endeavors at teaching, training or innovating teaching and learning in alignment with technology based academic shift has been phenomenal. He believes technology will lead the future of education; hence, it is time to gear up, get trained and prepared for the major academic shift that is already in the process and waiting for none.

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